We are a church passionate about connecting

Denver to God's Love, His Church, and

His transformative power. 


Matthew 6:10


"Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"


We know that our voice as a follower of Jesus here on earth is but an echo of God's heart for humanity in heaven.  He has been reaching and pursuing humanity from the very beginning.  Our desire is to show the love of the father to the churched, unchurched, and dechurched to echo the heart of heaven.


To connect people to the heart of God and help them become a fully devoted follower of Jesus



We believe that everything we do flows from the love and words of Jesus.  We have once source of truth, a.k.a the Bible, that gives us insight to these words and we are unashmed of the gospel because it is good news.  Following Jesus encourages us to love God and love others with all that's in us.  


Church should not be endured; it should be enjoyed. While Jesus was on Earth, his goal was to bring light into a dark world, and that is our goal too—to shine light into dark places. We find ways to pursue joy in our everyday lives, and it reflects in our vibrant, joy-filled experiences


We embrace the fact that not every journey and story follows a linear path. This means we honor each person's individual process of finding God. We understand that not everyone believes when they first come to church, and we simply want to assist you in discovering your next step with Him. We are a 'come as you are' community but recognize that when you find Jesus, you'll desire to be transformed by Him. As a church, we don't want anything from you, but we want everything for you.


We believe that God blesses us to be a blessing. Generosity isn't something we merely do; it's something we embody. We believe in equipping people for the next generation of the church. With this perspective, we become contributors to the cause of Jesus Christ by serving our church, community, and the circles we influence. What we understand is that if we all embrace the assignment God has given us, we are stronger together


We focus our attention forward. We understand that everyone has a past, but we also believe that everyone has a purpose. Our goal is to assist you in discovering your purpose because when you find your purpose, you can help others find theirs. There is so much wonder in the world with God, and we want to help you find it with child-like excitement. Once you see God as a loving, caring, and hope-giving Father, we believe you will desire the transformation and freedom you've been seeking. 


Pastors Joel and Nicole

Message From Our Pastors

We are thrilled that you've found your way to our community, a place where those who have felt distant can find their path back to God's embrace. At Echo City, we believe that everyone, no matter how far they may feel from Him, deserves a chance to experience His love, grace, and life-transforming power.


Our doors are wide open, and our hearts are even wider. We are here to connect you – yes, you – to the warm embrace of God's church, where you'll discover a family that genuinely cares and supports you. You're not alone on this journey; we're in this together. We are BETTER together!


Come as you are, with your questions, doubts, and hopes. Our desire is to create a safe haven, a space where you can encounter God's healing touch and experience the power that can change lives. It's a journey of connection, growth, and transformation, and we are excited to walk it with you.


Whether you're taking your first step toward faith or seeking a fresh start, Echo City is here to guide you toward God's love and purpose for your life. Join us as we explore His Word, build lasting relationships, and experience His presence in our midst.


Once again, welcome to Echo City Church – where distance is not a barrier, and Jesus' love knows no bounds. We can't wait to meet you, journey with you, and witness the incredible transformation that awaits as you connect to His church, His love, and His transformative power.



Pastors Joel and Nicole